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About Value Koi

Value Koi was founded in 2019 when we recognized the need for affordable and high-quality Japanese koi. 


Our founder’s Hunter Nieman and Savannah Smith’s deep passion for the living jewels that are koi, combined with their joy bringing quality Japanese koi to people around North America, was the foundation of this company. 


Value Koi’s journey has led us to build a team of 6 knowledgeable koi enthusiasts passionate about bringing you the best koi at the most affordable price! 


We began building relationships with koi breeders in Niigata, Japan in 2017. All of these connections are at your fingertips, just a request away! If there’s something specific you have your eye on, let us know! Give us a call or send us an email; we’ll be waiting! 

Tropical Leaves


Our mission is to bring incredibly valuable koi at a low, affordable price. We never sacrifice quality for quantity; regardless of whether you’re getting a singular koi or wholesale koi, you’ll be receiving a level of quality that is expected from Japanese koi. 


A lot of the koi you’ll find on our website are koi that have not quite made the cut for our sister company, These koi may have a missing scale, or have bumped their heads. While this may change the price tag, these imperfections actually heal over time! 


The koi on our site are by no means rehabilitation koi; they are all at peak health, thoroughly vetted and screened. Upon arrival to the states they’re subjected to no less than 3 weeks of quarantine, in addition to health evaluations. We look for KHV (koi herpes virus) and other signs of infection or illness. If any of these are found, they’re separated and rehabilitated, or they’ll live out in mud ponds.

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Hi! I'll be your main contact. Any questions you have I'm here for you!

Let's be friends:)



Let's talk all things koi, filtration, and business. I am your koi selecting specialist and expert.



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Coming Soon!

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The heart of our company beats to the drum of excellent customer service. Your success is equivalent to our own success! Should you ever have questions regarding keeping koi, from filtration to water quality to treatment, we’ll be there to help.


Our team has years of experience keeping koi and selecting koi; all of that knowledge is at your disposal. This is particularly important to those businesses looking to carry koi for sale that they purchase from us! We’re always just a phone call away. 


Ready to take your fish business to the next level with high-quality Japanese koi wholesale? Looking to introduce Japanese koi to your pond, bringing all the peace and tranquility that accompanies koi?

Tropical Leaves


Importing: We receive koi generally 3-4 weeks after our buying trips in Japan. All koi are imported through our broker and quarantined before being shipped.

Quarantining the Koi: The process has been refined over the years. Quarantine is the best way to ensure that we are delivering the healthiest and happiest koi fish to you. This process is a 4 week long duration after receiving the koi from Japan. Each koi is separated by the breeder and placed into those respective ponds. No other breeders koi will be allowed to contaminate that pond. e koi are fed and cared for while in quarantine.


Testing and treatment: Koi that are quarantined receive regular

testing for KHV more than once to ensure no false negatives. Treatment for parasites are also done during this period. This helps to maintain our commitment to delivering a quality controlled product. 

Shipping: Shipping is paid for by the customer. The koi for sale do not include shipping. Fees for shipping are assessed and billed upon the label being created. Koi that you receive are sent in healthy conditions. If you suffer a loss due to shipping "late" or otherwise, we will provide a store credit with which you can use to purchase a different koi. If your koi arrives and is dead, you will need to send a picture of the tail of the koi cut off within 2 hours after arrival. If this is not done we will not provide any in store credit. All sales are final; no refunds.


Tel. 865.606.7030

2253 Boyds Creek Hwy, 
Seymour, TN 37865


Monday - Friday 10:00 - 17:00

You can absolutely make an appointment to visit us outside of our normal hours! Just give us a call and we're happy to accommodate.



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