Breed: Kage Shiro Utsuri

Age: Tosai

Size: 35CM


What is a Kage Shiro Utsuri?

First off "Shiro" means white and "Utsuri" means reflection, lastly, "Kage" means shadow. Shadow White Reflection for say in English. A Shiro Utsuri is mixed with an Asagi resulting in a "shadow" cast down her back and beni(red) on both sides of her cheeks. The sumi(black) is what is being referred to as reflecting across the dorsal fin.


What I like about this koi-

This koi has deep sumi markings that are very favorable! As this koi develops it will become more and more balanced as the sumi on the left side will come out more. I love the beni on the cheeks. It gives this koi a very unique look. The kage will come out more as the koi gets older. I'm very excited to see how awesome this will look! Lastly, being a tosai, this koi is already way bigger than her same-aged peers. 


Order online or give me(Savannah) a call at (865) 606-7030

Kage Shiro Utsuri